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Our Lord is our vine and we are his branches!

They aren't ripe yet actually.

Look up! fix ur eyes upon jesus!

Mini daisies!

Lavender cottage!

this is similar to the musical fountain in singapore. just that it functions in the day cause there are no colourful lights

The lambs are soo hungry!


look at all the chickens! when i was there, i reacted like i've not seen so many live chickens b4.

Each carton of mushrooms costs sing 1 dollar each.

fat bunny!

Beautiful scenery yea?

I am fearfully and wonderfully made

i love this shot!

3 of us;)

I was here to tell you about God


10:33 AM
Monday, April 13, 2009
&& i think of u every night~

Office work.
This post is going to be about my experiences, learning lessons and insights so far in Vtech Equipment. Its gonna sound pretty boring but i hope my thoughts and insights would be able to spice it up.=)

ok, here it goes..

Firstly, I would like to comment and appreciate those staff who genuinely believed in Vtech, not just for their financial returns but more importantly putting their faith and hopes on this company.Because Vtech would not be so successful without your Love for the company. (realise i didn't say hard work?One can be hardworking but with no faith in the company? Its equals to nothing).
Vtech Equipment is essentially an engineering company which caters for services in the marine, gas, oil and petrochemical industry. We basically act as a middleman/middle-company to find suppliers for our various end users. Majority of our products are sold to Vietnam, as it has been our main focus of our business. Why Vietnam you may ask, most probably because of the potential prospects which one can invest in or probably due to the openness and transparency of the economy. But from what i heard from the person who has dedicated most time, effort and heart into this business, it was not as easy as it seems. Nevertheless, it was still possible to do business with them as they are willing to accept and compromise their deals.

I personally believe that choosing Vietnam was a good choice, though Vietnam's economy is small, there are a wide range of opportunities available for companies like Vtech. The concentration on a few Clients in Vietnam, for instance Vietsovpetro, has been beneficial for both Vtech and our clients. Of course, the coordinators from both parties have to run the extra mile in-order to achieve even greater support from each other. Right now, it seems that only 1 person is doing most of the coordination between the Vietnam and Singapore office. I really think Vtech should expose their staff to the real corporate world in Vietnam and impart more inter-personal skills by consciously teaching them. But first, the staff should be willing and interested. If you think this sounds juvenile, that teaching and consciously imparting these skills are not necessary easy tasks, think again, about the positive benefits Vtech can reap overtime.

I have been with Vtech for almost 2 months, but frankly speaking I have not done alot. BUt, if you asked if i've learnt anything? I'll gladly pour out to you what i've learnt. Majority of my time spent in the office is sitting in front of the PC, reading emails, filling up excel sheets for inquires..sending emails..Severely Passive job. Not really my ideal choice.
However, as a first timer, I have learnt a few procedures on how projects are executed and i found them pretty exciting because i'm doing it for the first time. Honestly speaking, if I were to work here, I will only stay for 3-4years the most. Essentially because of the job prospect here is monotonous and cyclical. I will get bored of it after a while.

From my observations on the staff in Vtech over this short period, I have concluded 3 reasons why they choose to pursue their career in Vtech.

1) Some people choose Vtech because of the relatively attractive financial remuneration to support themselves and their loved ones.
2) Some people want to pursue their passion in the engineering sector
3) and Some people just feel contented and lucky to have found a job which they don't mind spending their time and effort in.

I find people who choose reason 1 practical and realistic. I find people who choose reason 2 true to their hearts. I find people who choose reason 3 lazy and unimaginative.(god bless these people)

YUP! that's all for now!


2:33 PM
Monday, March 30, 2009
&& i think of u every night~

My weekend
=) YAY! i got a new PHONE!! LG cookie rocks! ahaha.. love it. It functions just like an I phone just that it has less applications and lower storage space. I sound like a secondary school kid chasing after latest handphones.=) (listening to teardrops on my guitar now)

Right now, i'm at dad's offcice finally doing something useful.

Yea! LAst weekend was great cause of g12 conference. It was superb, best out of the rest i think. Maybe becauase i feel god has removed the unclarity and instilled the old method of the church's vision. The explanations and illustrations by both pastors were superb. I believe not just me but most of ppl in the cell were responsive to the altar call and whatever was preached. I learnt major lessons on how to set up a cell, maintain and the significance of it all. STill gotta chew on it more. But i've really understood the g12 vision much more and i've learnt meaningful and purposeful lessons..

First- Your significance lies in GOD not in ur Qualifications, ppl u save, lives u transform..etc.
Second- To carry the cross is to carry the BLESSINGS of GOD and not BURDENS. (put on his crown)
Third- The blo0d of jesus washes all inquity in ur life, ur past pains, accusations, condemnation and regrets.
Fourth- ANYONE can be a g12 leader, As long one is willing to reamain humble always, faithful to GOD, faithful to my senior pastor and faithful to the church.Willingness to learn and be used by GOD.

Hmm. i think thats all for now. I still have many verses to chew on! Thank GOD for this conference I was truly and wonderfully blessed=)


11:10 AM
Monday, March 16, 2009
&& i think of u every night~

THE month of MARCH
HEY!! i've not blogged for a long time i KNOW.

REcENTLY I've been up with alot of things to do! Such as tutoring, meeting up and catching up with friends. Right now i'm at my dad's office, getting to know more about his business and how it functions. I was thinkin of signing up for a waitress job, but my dad insisted that joining his company for a short period of time would be a much better and enriching idea. Since i didn't want to do anything impulsively, i agreed. I think it would be a good idea to get to know how has his business been so far. Apart from all these busy schdules,I have also been trying to allocate MORE time to read. READING is always a good investment.=) same goes with education i think..

About my education route for august, I was thinking of NUS or SMU social sciences courses.Whether i can get shortlisted lies in the hands of GOD. sounds cliche, but i truly mean it. I told GOD already i'll give him my everything and alll i have to live now is to live for him alone. This can free me from the bondage of depending on the administrators of the repective unis i intend to apply. LOVE HIM=) thank you lord.

Last week's service was just right for me specially catered for me i suppose. HAHA. CAuse the holy spirit really intervene into the mass of thoughts and told me personally that i dont have to be afraid of the future. Cause all i have to do now is to live for him alone. He's all i need in life. NOt Qualifications, not favour from others not money BUt him alone. Thats all i have to do.=)

CAn't wait for the conference!!!=) gonna be soo sooooo exciting.

okay. i gtg for tuition now! byebey!

2:44 PM
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
&& i think of u every night~

last minute last min
WHY is everything so last minute? i just can't stand ppl like that.
not knowing how to plan and organise their ppl beofre hand. Not even calculating and communicating with the right information. Sigh. i feel sad for these ppl. i had to scold them or give them a firm face.
Last minute to be good to someone? last minute to make friends? share the gospel?will it be effective? probably not. maybe it will help for maybe one or two days to cool/ make that person happy for a week. THATS IT. (that person only feels really happy when she sees that particular friend. you'll nvr know she maybe tired of doing that inside) ppl who are not ready are just not ready. u try to convert them, its difficult cause it has be continous. once a week is not enulf. It should be every day of that harvestors life. Looking at the way things are now, its difficult.
Thats why its not easy to try helping someone out.

I tried helping someone. I felt like it tested my paitence and tolerance and determination more than my 2.4 run throughout my 6 years of education in singapore. Thank god i have god and he who gave me my lovely parents to support.

i just recovered form my sicknesss. (fever, flu, bad headache) which lasted for 2 days. 2 terrible days

of course the days just got worst when i found out there will be a bio test on next thurs also.
and my drama prd is ard the corner. just next week. GOSh. i think i'm just gonna sit back and let god do most of the work. dunno whether he will do it. but yeah i think he would.

i'll definitely not give up on god. without god i'll feel HOPELESS, I just sprout vulgarites, think stupid of myself screaming all the time, thinking i'm a useless piece of SHIT.

YES i really thank god i can escape so easily from all that past i went through. couldn't have done that w/o him. SOme ppl just are not willing, too stubborn to see whats the result of their lifes now. They just want GOOD things to happen to them They DONT think where on earth does all thes GOOD things come from. They don't noe how to link HUmans, who are born to be selfish, greedy, choosy and proud and obnoxious and only care about themselves to whatever they are now.

I admit i'm still like that sometimes. but i repented and i thank god for DYing for my freaking, unforgivable sins. FYI (sins: wrong doings)

I have no idea why am i being so expressive (including being emotional) these few days. maybe its because of my medication. making me cry easily. EWWW.. make me look like a cry baby.

I think i'm juist goona study the mechanisms for org chem. GOD! stay by my SIDE! i NEED HELP AGAIN!

11:30 PM
Saturday, April 12, 2008
&& i think of u every night~

haha today was FUN!

YEah! today was the last day of block test!! WOOH!

felt good after a whole day of play.. SChool resumes next week... a little anti-climax.. but that is what JC life is! i'm coping well with it. Even though it may be rush hr for me.. but lets face it.. I HAVE JESUS to accompany me everywhere! thank god.

oh yeah GOOD NEWS! i think i passed my chem paper. ALL thanks to GOd and of course not forgetting the chem assessment book which sharon asked me to buy..=) I ENCOURAGE ALL J2s to buy this CHEM yellow covered book (19.90) each. this bk is sold in the book shop! lol.. i sound like i'm advertising for the book..

yay! i;m so excited to tell what happened today...

Immediately after bio mcq paper, i went to meet miss kwok with the publicity pp (joannna!) and they discussed more about the programme, the tee-shirt.. Then we went to put up more posters ard the school.Oh yeah then we met, priya, yuxin and darshini at the book shop too! Suprisingly Vanessa and her dad were there too! Then i went to to drama room to join the props head in their discussion. Actually there weren't much to talk abt among the props ppl, so i just went there for fun..Priya asked me about the buying of flowers! yup.. i had to think of the qty..she said she'll send me some picts of flowers bouquet to be given to miss kwok , mr seah and stef.. ahah yeah! can't wait for the prd to start!

After that, i went back home and had a SWIM! with mim! BOY! it was really really relaxing. and SHIOK!super super destressing! WOW! than i ran straight to AMK hub to meet teddy. wanted to eat lunch first but the movie we wanted to watch will start at 1pm.. rush rush rush! met weishan and weini at the bus stop.. then when i boarded the bus, then i received a message from teddy that she will be half and hr late..

oh yeah b4 that, we were arguing on the phone on which movie to watch..

Even tually, teddy managed to persuade me into watching shutter!(movie storyline was great without watching the scary parts of the scary girl's face) lol!

We met fathima and her "friend" lol.. me and teddy wanted to make fun of her and that "friend" of hers.. haha..then in the end both of them shot some joke back at me. than we started laughing at some minute things. i started getting real high for no reason too! maybe it was because i missed fathima and teddy so much! i miss the times we laughed non stop. fathima was feeling rather tired at that point of time, so she didn't really look that excited. that friend of hers (i forgot his name, sorry!) just kept smiling all the way. haha..

I used my ez link card to pay for my macs meal! yay! lol..these are some pictures we took!

6:16 PM
Friday, March 28, 2008
&& i think of u every night~

block test is gonna be over!
HELLO! i'm back for the moment..

I've not been updating but i just wanna keep this blog for the times i really need to express myself..=)

oh i forgot to type this for the previous post: BABY gave my a cute pair of green chopsticks for vday which looked like pencils! its green!! LOVEly greeen..
I tried to use it on paper,..haha guess WHAT! there weren't any marks. LOL.

yea.. can't wait for tmr.. our last paper for block test. i've studied smart and hard this time round. i hope this works! PLEASE GOD.. make this work! I've been trying to find the right study technique to score well..

ALSO! i'll be going out with teddy to watch a movie at cathay. wanted to watch leap yrs but i don't think we can now.. its almost a month already.. nvm.. its the accompany which matters! yea! i really thank GOd for giving the right answer to her questions +) she is handling the situation very welll.

I chatted with a few pp just now. mostly sec sch friends. REALLY MISS THEM! they missed me too! christie's doing okay..fathima seems to be enjoying herself.. GOOD for her! i told christie that will be planning to tutor my juniors once i graduate.(which is once i finish my As.) I think i'm gonna give them free tuition.. and also offer my help to those in need. yeah..gotta try that out.

about my plans.. i'm still pondering over where i shuld GO.. part of me feels that i shuld think of the future and part of me feels that i shuld conc on my exams and graduate first than think abt it.. I Really depend on GOD's plan for me. =) yay.. can't wait for him to show me my path after i graduate! i sorta have a feelin of happiness after leaving JC. possibly because of the high stress level. I believe more and more pp wants to go to a poly now because of the high stress lvl in JC. lol.. well thank god i'm surviving well in JC. BECAUSE And only because of god's help, i'm able to pull thru everyday successfully. he has been encouraging and answering my prayers for the past few months. PRAISE GOD!

i think i should share these small testimonails to my non-christian classmates and drama mates though i may not be very close to them:) TAKES faith
but mum says faith doesn't need to come to you. YOU just have to start talking,..
it reminded me of this verse.."FAITH as small as a MUstard seed, is enough to move the mountains."

yeah i think i'll stop here.. GOD BLESS and LOVES you everyday!

6:16 PM
Thursday, March 27, 2008
&& i think of u every night~

Yeah! its valentine's day!
YEha its year 2008 Valentine's day..

It was grreatttt even though i didn't receive alot of flowers. haha.. I just love everyone today! i suppose the loving spirit is present today! wow! even though i slept like at 1pm last night reading through bio cell signaling notes and doing the vday cards for the class.
ARHH!.. its so cool!!!
okay let me list all the presents i received.

from cass wang- a pink rose!
seah huiling-a lollipop
sharon- a bouquet of bright Orange daisy
Angeline-a pink daisy
nikita-a piece of her baked brownie
sarah and friend- a piece of choco coated marshmellow and their baked brownie
janice- a mirror
my angel0703 weikang- a light blue book mark!

yeah yeha. yeha.. so happy.

gtg now!
STAY happy everyone!=)

12:12 PM
Thursday, February 14, 2008
&& i think of u every night~

yay! i got promoted!
Hey yo! again!.

Yes i feel lucky. I know i not good enough to get into J2. I know almost everyone ard me is much better. But yes by GOD everything was possible. At least part of my hardwork paid off. I think i have to work super super hard next eyar. Oh yeha. i have not done my reflection. I want to celebrate today. but its already pretty late. I don't wanna do chinese today. Ok i'm ranting non stop. maybe i'm glad, i'm puzzled, im stress by chinese and PW.( mind you my chinese fountation is bad, tahts why i'm worried for it.)

Ok i don't think anything will change if i continue to rant non stop. hmm..
Let's start the reflection going.

first for chinese, i failed chinese and i'm nog surprised.
HOW to improve?
- Practise more compos
and paper 2
- listen and speak chinese?

Econs? i just got relatively good marks compared to the others.
HOW to improve?

- read the lecture notes immediately after lectures and understand them.
- WRITE out the essays u are practising.
- LEt teacher mark
- ask if u have questions and u don't understand tutorials
- HUILING go do ur mircro economics reading tomomorrow.

Maths? i got an A. wow! actually i got a C in promos. they pulled me up during moderation and my continual assessments helped me achieve that too! yay

- finish tutorial and do some tys practises? better to do some than none.=)
- don't make careless mistakes?? this falls back on the enulf practise i have
- ask if u have questions and u don't understand tutorials

Chem? i got a D. CAn't believe all my hardwork did not pay off. haiya..
so wierd. need more practice? need tuition? NO..
SIMPLE answer. NEED to clarify.
thats most important afte a year of learning CHEM. haha. i think miss yap is pretty cold to her students thats why i don;t dare to ask.
- CONTINUE practising
- and the never give up attitude

GP? read more newspaper FORUM page.IMprove ur language and content.
- read lor
-time management for paper lor
- read more lor

BIO?? I passed! i think thats because of moderation. and my CA marks. but yes.. i will contuinue to STUDY properly. MUST study properly and make sure i catch things fast during lectures.
HOW to make sure alll these happens???
- make sure u read ur notes b4 hand lor..
- make sure u clarify on that day b4 leaving for home.

ok i'm kinda tired..i'll turn off now! continue my long winded reflection another day after chinese paper and OP.:P i think..

9:35 PM
Tuesday, October 23, 2007
&& i think of u every night~

most recent me.
Group NY012 on the 40th storeyof block 146 in toa payoh lor 2. the wind was really really strong. Look at my hair its flying like no bodies' business. Look at the packet in the middle. Its famous AMos's cookies..
Look at ALL of us. kids trapped in youths' bodies.. lol..

YES. This is the most recent me. haha. i look like i'm going to destroy the car with my weight. haha.. I miss playing with that.=)

8:45 PM

&& i think of u every night~

Hui Ling
7 JUNE 1990
19 years old!
WOnderful and Victorious CHILD of GOD!

LOVE...Watching TV and MOvies!
HAving fun with the best people in my life
JOgging and Swimming
changing new handphones..LOL
Encouraging and enriching people's lives with my words.

I Think this column is so childish.
I shall not bother to think and write on this.

reading blogs with no music can sure be....
boring...trust me i tried it lol
put songs here!!
recommended imeem
well until it becomes 30 sec....
but hey there are other music players out there
recommended width 225px no longer than that...
include whatever height that makes u happy

I want to SEE my paternal grandfather and my own father accept JESUS
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